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What content does the game have?

  • Create your online game account to join the global leaderboard for players / teams. Collect prestige-points to rank up and reach the highest ranks.

  • Create up to three local player profiles that save the play progress automatically ( Your profile also get´s saved in cloud )

  • Play with your friends online with the 2-4 multiplayer coop mode and grind together.

  • Three different difficulty settings makes the game interesting for every skill bracket. The balancing of the game is tested by multiple testers and the developer.

  • Discover 6 worlds, at least 40 highly individual maps with , more than 35 unique beasts and more than 28 bossbeasts. (close combat / ranged combat / combined combat / special abilities)

  • Beat the final beastspawner to finish a prestige round. Every round will reward you with a lot of prestige-points to get faster progress.

  • Raise your playerlevel to unlock new buildings, earn skillpoints, talentpoints, prestige points and mortal segments.

  • Decide if you want to increase Military- , Economy- or Sciencelevel with your talentpoints to power up your style of playing with a maximum amount of 20 levels each.

  • Unlock / Upgrade more than 45 different abilities / skills with your skillpoints.

  • Equip your protectbase (8 slots) with objects out of the objectshop to prepare your next fight (Healimpulse, Shieldimpulse, Thunderwave, Windforce, Repairdrones, Lifebox, Shieldbox, Apocometica, ...). The objects have random generated values and individual raritys. Every object is unique.

  • Play random maps to farm skillpoints and gain faster progress for the campaign

  • Unlock the prestige shop to buy prestige items. There are 24 prestige items, that also can have different scaled values to support you in the late game.

  • The trophyroom shows all your profile statistics for example played time, victorys, defeats, killed beasts, killed bossbeasts, spent skillpoints, played maps and prestige progress. There are statistics about your current campaign run and alltime statistics.

  • Collect 100 steam achievements / statistics to show your skill to others.

  • Compare yourself to other players, work together in a team to get faster progress. Earn mortal segments to buy strong power ups.

  • Tutorial map to learn the basic mechanics of the game with 1 beast (basics) and interactive gameplay hints. Before you start the challenging play mode.

  • In-game, you can gather ressources (Gold, Rubonium, Amnestryth), earn level and skillpoints, build three different types of towers, craft modules, upgrade towers, buildings and modules, combine different modules in towers, destroy buildings, recycle modules, fight against all beasts with different tactics, get support from air supply drops, cast spells with your player, increase the towers with area of effect buidlings, repair your towers, and much more ...

What is planned now for the game?

  • Still more random maps

  • More bug fixing by reporting

  • More different objects for your Protectbase to raise your defending

  • More special combineable modules with effects

  • More In-Game objects for decoration and visuals

  • Upgrades for the graphic elements like animations, design of textures, UI elements, more languages, some more polishing, ...

  • and much more ...


General information

  • The game still can contain bugs, please report them. This will help to get a final polished game in future.

  • The game will cost 13,79 € without any additional costs.

  • There are NO in game purchasements and no advertising in game. No pay to win.

  • The game currently supports 2x languages. (english, german)

  • The game needs access to the internet for synchronising the leaderboard progress for each player and login control.

  • The game is only available on steam. If you need support or help you can always use the contact possibilities to get help.

Only tower defense ? Why arrival of beasts and what is different to other similar games ?​

  • Highly individual play styles possible, because of the random objects, skills/upgrades, combining possibilities, increasing roles like military/economy/science, & & & ... (Different possibilities)

  • Control your player to spell casts, build up buildings/towers and do a lot of other things. This needs stratetic know how and a good timing to fight against the beasts. (RTS-Elements)

  • Online leaderboard for solo players and teams with up to 8 players for competition, Realtime coop-mode

  • Much different effects possible and combineable modules that makes towers unique. Modules are upgradeable and can be combined together with fusioned attributes.

  • Some situations/objects are generated with your amount of luck for example: generating of the objects that can be attached to your protectbase.

  • Sometimes you have to grind maps, because of the win/lose mechanics of the game.

  • Your protectbase (the main target of the beasts, you have to protect) can be equipped with up to 8 objects and an upgradeable maintower that can be as different as you want.

  • Collect every single beast as a card in your bestiary and learn about their resistances and behaviour.

  • Everything was created lovely and carefully with much time and brain for YOU.

  • Everything in this game (except the music/sound/online modes) is selfmade. There are NO extern assets used and no extern Code. Even the font is selfmade and unique.

  • Cool and interesting game mechanics with interesting art work made by one person.

  • & much more... Be surprised by a new interesting tower defense experience and be ready to test all those different possibilities of arrival of beasts.

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