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"Left mouse button"

"Right mouse button"

"Use Scrollwheel"

"Click Scrollwheel"

= Generel selection of nearly everything (objects, players, beasts, towers, buildings, buttons, ...)

= Move player to target (while player selected) / Target a beast for focus fire (while hover a beast with mouse) / Display module level (while module is on mouse)

= Zoom in and out / scrolling in button menus

= Move camera with mouse (while hold down scrollwheel)








"left alt"


"left alt" + building is on mouse


"left alt" + player is selected


"w / a / s / d"


"q / e"


"arrow keys all directions"











= Select Player (fast double "1" select Player and center camera on it)


= Select Mainbase (fast double "2" select Mainbase and center camera on it)

= Select Protectbase (fast double "3" select Protectbase and center camera on it)

= show ranges, informations, &&&... (while in-game)


= Activates easier placing of buildings while building is on mouse


= allows you to set up to 4 waypoints


= Faster camera movement


= Change In-Game build menu (Gathering, Military, Moduling)


= Faster camera movement


= Shows the beasts path ( if skill is unlocked )


= Speed up the game while hold down, double speed ( click on button also still works )

= focus to the airplane if it´s on the map


= rotate some of the items/buildings if on mouse


= upgrade buildings in-game if selected & unlock/upgrade skillstar skills

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