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You have arrived at the center of hell. The heart of evil. This is where all beasts and their mutations arise. The goal of destroying the final portal is now within reach. Use the strength of the Holy Module to show the monsters who the world belongs to. If you manage to destroy the final portal, you have managed to take back the world. You will be rewarded with a lot of experience and prestige. The end has been reached, but the battle for the rank of strongest defender continues. The monsters have chained the world in an infinite, diabolical loop. You can now prove how long you can hold out. Become the best defender, create a community, your team and fight together.



In the abstract world you need mental strength and great willpower. The beasts really seem to try everything to destroy the world. Especially the bosses develop unexpected skills and powers to fight against your defenses. Maybe you should try to merge modules to become even stronger. You mustn't despair and one setback doesn't decide the entire war. Now prove your perseverance and don't be fooled. You are very close to the center of evil - the world of Deadhell.



You actually made it to the world of Bright and should actually take a rest. However, you don't have time for this. The beasts are already developing their first skills to multiply themself faster and become even stronger. Right now it's even more important to hit them back and take up the fight. Unfortunately, the first bosses are already starting raids and trying to steal your ressources. Stop them and try to reach the abstract world. You have come this far - don't give up.



Did you really make it across the ocean? Very well! However, great difficulties await you now, as the beasts in this area have developed new skills. You absolutely have to secure this area and kill all bosses. Slowly you should familiarize yourself with the power of the modules, even if they cost huge amounts of ressources. This is the only way you can defeat the really strong beasts and continue your journey. The modules were once developed for a war and can now unfold their true strength. This is the only way to defeat all beasts and return the old world we once had.



On the way to the final portal you have to secure and cross the ocean Liquid. This is how you can reach the Mysth area. However, the beasts seem to be stronger here ... Perhaps it is time to try new strategies or to continue training back home in Woods. It's good that there are enough ressources everywhere, to be able to continue arming against new beasts. If you really successfully secure the ocean and make it to the Mysth area, the true journey in the world of Arrival of Beasts begins.



The first mutated beasts have already arrived in your homeland, the first world Woods. Thank goodness these mutations seem to be the weakest beasts. So you have the opportunity and enough time to train and improve your skills. If you manage to secure your home, you can take the route across the ocean Liquid to take the first step of your adventure. There are lots of surprises and challenges waiting for you to face. The beasts get stronger and smarter, don't waste time and start your journey now.

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