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Chance Up

All modules of all towers inside the range of this building will have a better trigger chance. There is no limit for the amount of towers inside the range. The color indicates if there is a tower in range or not. (green/red)

Chance Up
Chance Up

Properties (Basic)

Level to unlock:

Gold cost:

Rubonium cost:

Amnestryth cost:

Level 1 income amount:

Level 2 income amount:

Level 3 income amount:

Level 4 income amount:

Level 5 income amount:

Level 1 income speed:

Level 2 income speed:

Level 3 income speed:

Level 4 income speed:

Level 5 income speed:

Level 2 upgrade cost:

Level 3 upgrade cost:

Level 4 upgrade cost:

Level 5 upgrade cost:

Slots for modules:

Special information:

Last database update:

16. Dezember 2021 um 09:58:40

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