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Fightstats Up

All towers inside the range of this building have higher damage amount. Also reduces the fire rate. There is no limit for the amount of towers inside the range. The color indicates if there is a tower in range or not. (green/red)

Fightstats Up
Fightstats Up

Properties (Basic)

Level to unlock:

Gold cost:

Rubonium cost:

Amnestryth cost:

Level 1 income amount:

Level 2 income amount:

Level 3 income amount:

Level 4 income amount:

Level 5 income amount:

Level 1 income speed:

Level 2 income speed:

Level 3 income speed:

Level 4 income speed:

Level 5 income speed:

Level 2 upgrade cost:

Level 3 upgrade cost:

Level 4 upgrade cost:

Level 5 upgrade cost:

Slots for modules:

Special information:

Last database update:

16. Dezember 2021 um 09:58:32

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