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The HUD shows:

1. Inventory
2. In-Game area
3. Notification Area
4. Level, current exp
5. Current skillpoints
6. Ressboard (gold, rubo, amne)
7. Optionsbutton
8. Buildingmenu (with left/right arrows, there are three menus)
9. Gametime
10. Protectcam (shows always your protectbase)


The HUD is the main Input/Output frame for you while playing arrival of beasts on a map. The ressboard shows all ressources you gathered while playing this map. On the buildingmenu you can find all your buildings and towers you can place on the map. They are unlocked with level and ressources. The max. amount can be found In-Game, when hovering over the buttons with your mouse courser. On the bottom of the HUD in the middle is the place for the selectmenu after you clicked on an in-game object (building, beast, ressource, ...).

Last database update:

16. Dezember 2021 um 10:18:12

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