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The following buttons can be pressed:


By the first time clicking on PLAY you are able to create your own local playerprofile that contains your progress and profilname. After that, your playmenu opens where you see all the worlds and maps you can play. The playmenu also shows your actual experience, level and skillpoints you earned. On the top left, you can see your profile name.


By clicking on TUTORIAL you are directly able to play the small tutorial map after a short loading time. This mode does not save any progress and is resetted every time you leave and start it. So you can restart is as many times as you wish. In the tutorial you learn the basics of the game mechanics.


On this button you can open the instruction page ingame, to learn the game without playing it. You can read all information about the buildings, towers, beasts, bossbeasts, modules, ressources, UI-Elements and everything the game contains.



Here you can set the settings of the game. Volume of music and sounds, resolution, details, fullscreen and the camera speed in-game. If you start the game your first resolution is the same as your desktop resolution. The settings are saved.


Close the game.


This button allows you to delete the selected playerprofile completely.

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