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In Arrival of Beasts you can craft, combine, upgrade and recycle different modules. This is one of the most important things in this game and makes it unique. Once a modul is crafted by the player it can be placed in towers to activate special effects.

Also it can be placed in the modulupgrade factory to increase the abilities by upgrading. If you don´t need the module anymore you also can recycle it in the modulrecycling factory to earn big amounts of experience. Two modules can be combined to a new one with doubled effects / new unique effects. At the moment there exist the following Modules: Poisener, Freezer, Damager, Crity, Aoety, Stunner, Burner and Holy. At the moment there exist the following combined modules: Aoeezer, Poety, Stunoty, Burnoety, Damoety, Instax,Triplex and Reepeer (is planned).

All modules / combined modules have the following abilities: Dealing damage (damage), Duration of effect (seconds), Movement slow (points), Critical damage (%), Chance for effect (%), Radius of effect (fields).


To fight against strong Beasts it is very important to combine the modules not randomly. It´s important to know the mechanics how they work and will effect the beast, if combining them in the tower. If you only put in one module in a tower, there is nothing to talk about. The modul will do his job and works with it´s attributes.

But what happens, when you put two modules at the same time in one tower?

The answer is not that hard but good to know. Both modules have a chance for effect in percent. Everytime before the tower starts shooting a bullet the game calculate if the moduleffect gets activated for this bullet. If only one module activates an effect the bullet transfer the effect to the beast. If both modules triggers, both effects will be transferred on the bullet to reach the beast.

So if you combine for example a Poisener and a Burner module in one tower and both effects triggers at the same time, both effects will hit the beast without any problems or combining. It only depends on the chance for effect.

But if you combine for example two Poisener modules in one tower and both effects triggers at the same time, then ONLY the effects of the module with the most damage will be transferred to the bullet and beast. Also if the beast is already poisoned it wont get another poison effect till the effect has stopped. Setting up two similar modules in one tower raises the chance for effect (because you have two chance for effect calculations) but it´s not always the best idea when you have different strong modules. Think about it.

The properties of the modules can be checked in the storage buildings or upgrade station.

Good to know: Every tower can be disabled for some seconds so you can drag modules inside while the Beasts are in range. But use this whisely.

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