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After creating a new profile the player has the following basic attributes:

Movementspeed = 2,5 Fields/sec
Cast range = 4 Fields
Max. energy = 100
Energy regeneration = 0,01 energy/sec
Repair value = 0,5 HP/sec
Basic activities: Build up buildings, craft modules, cast mages, repair towers, collect items/objects, ...

The player is of course one of the most important object in-game. He can be selected with the left mouse button or shortcut '1' on your keyboard. By fast double press on key '1' the camera centers to the player. If the player is selected you can move by clicking on any place with the right mouse button. A waypoint will be visible at the target. The most player properties can be improved by upgrading skills on the skillstar.


The player can not be destroyed or killed. He is used to build up buildings or craft modules in the modulfactory. For building up the buildings you need to stay close to the placed buildings. The player can cast up to seven different mages inside the cast range. These mages are strong and important to fight against the beasts. You can repair your towers by moving close to them. But don´t forget you can only repair towers that are not under attack of ranged beasts. In the game it is important to think about your playermovements because it costs time and the beasts do not sleep. Also there is no pathfinding implemented, so take care. By spawning your player the map will start the gametime counter and the beasts will arrive soon. So please check the map before pressing the playerspawn button.

Last database update:

11. August 2020 um 09:53:26

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