Arrival of Beasts is a simple made tower defense game with complex strategic rogue-like, grinding, crafting, build and contest elements. Also with some online competition / teamwork and Co-Op action. It offers tons of play hours and individual playstyles if you like the genre and art style. Remember: The game is made by one person.


Are you the best tower defense player out there? Prove yourself and reach the first place in the ranked leaderboard to show off your skills. Do you prefer getting success with your squad? No problem, create a team up to 8 players and reach the first playce in the team ranked leaderboard.


This version is NOT useable via steam but the game itself is crossplattform. You are able to play with steam users.

Arrival of Beasts - EARLY ACCESS - FTD Version (no STEAM)

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    • 1x register key for register in-game account (register key within 48 hours after your order, please have patience) + launcher/game download (instant e-mail)
    • language: german / english
    • supported resolutions all 16:9 (for example: FULL HD, UHD 4K)
    • future updates and release included (FTD Version*)
    • join official discord server for full experience (player registered alert, ranked 1# place alert), get part of the community and share success / highlights
    • *not useable with steam, but you can play with steam players because it is using crossplattform. FTD = FreeTimeDevelopment Original Version (no steam login)