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Terms of Use (Arrival of Beasts - The Game)

Terms of use - In-Game Arrival of Beasts

1. The privacy policy and this "terms of use" can be found on the arrival of beasts homepage. It counts for all elements you will use connected to arrival of beasts.

2. Cost free - Expect the register-key you need for creating your online account, there are no further costs. The game needs an internet connection. You are responsible for the costs and usage of your internet connection.

3. Single Development (Alpha/Beta versions) - There are still for sure bugs that need some fixing. Please be aware of that and try to support the development by reporting them. It´s optional. The whole game is made by one person so always have patience.

4. Personal data - All data you will send to arrival of beasts (the server arrival of beasts is using) is only used for arrival of beasts. Your Email will not be abused for anything else and is not visible for anyone in-game. Your password is not visible for anyone and server protected. Don´t chose usernames/profile names that refer to your identity. Also don´t use assaulting names with bad words or racism content. Important: Don´t share your private data to anyone else.

5. Accounting - One register-key can be used for one registration. Login with one account on several locations is allowed. Sharing the account with others is NOT allowed. There are protections about simultaneous using of the online account or shraing. Your account could be blocked and/or deleted if so.

6. Software - There is no harmful or damaging software included. The game is written in Unity 3D and only connects to Unity servers for hardware information exchange (cost free version) and the two online services for accounting/coop gaming. There are no other extern connections/data transfer actions while using anything of arrival of beasts. Some protection software firewall/antivirus could block this game because of the online connections. On final release this should not be a problem anymore.

Do not use extern software to manipulate arrival of beasts in any way. Cheating in any way will result in a ban and you will lose your key/account for playing arrival of beasts. Also your reached progress will be deleted for ever.

7. Contact possibilities - If you want to contact the developer/team for whatever reason you can do it. There are a lot of possibilities on the homepage given. Feel free to support, share and help to grow this project. Also don´t hesitate if you have questions or problems.

8. Profiling - While development (Alpha/Beta) it could be necessary to remove profiles or restart them. This will be always announced and happens with updates.

9. Content - The content of the game is still expanding and growing so the final product could be more different from the current state. Please be aware of that if you support this project.

10. Terms of use - The terms of use can be changed while development until the final release. If you have an account on the homepage you will recieve information about it. If not, please check it frequently.

11. Fun - Enjoy the game, join the community and be a part of this project. The discord server or social platforms offer a lot of possibilitys for having fun together about the game.

12. Languages - The main languages at the moment are english/german. In future there will be added more and more languages for the game.

Date 25th June 2021 BETA, Thank´s for support.

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