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The project free time development is the result of a motivated person with the target to deliver you a big amount of fun and unique games. Only with YOU - I will be able to reach further targets so feel free to talk to me and join the community.

The prices of the products are the result of many factors. For example: All the costs I had and still have. Homepage, Domain, Shop, Design Tools, Video Editing, Licenses, Environment, Register and Taxes, & & & ... Also the content the game / software offers to you is included. All the products are made with loving dedication and a lot of time / brain to give you the best experience.

Thank you for your support!



zer0 (Nico W.)

Avatar 98


Avatar 98


Avatar 98


Operator / Developer / Coder / Graphic / Animation


Project Leader of Free Time Development. Germany.

Great Tester / Bug Finder

Project supporter.

Music / Sound creator

Project supporter.

Community / Supporter

Project supporter.



The progress of this project is defined by the activity of YOU - the community. The best support for a game developer are the active players and interaction with bug reports / game wishes.

If you want to support me - go on steam and buy / play my games.

Additionally you can support me on twitch and all socials by joining the community and interacting with the project.

Feel free to donate & support this project with money. You can decide how much you want to donate.

Paypal takes a small fee of your donation around 1,2 % or at least 0,35,- € for the service.

Anyway I am thankful for ANY support.

You want to support this project without paying money? Share the page / games and spread it to other people.

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